Project Schedule and Estimating Activity Duration

All projects have a life cycle; birth, growth, and completion. The transitions of a project from onset to fruition are orchestrated and facilitated through the efficiency of the PM. Throughout the life of a project PMs have different planning responsibilities that match each phase of a project’s life. The ADDIE process enables the PM to… Continue reading Project Schedule and Estimating Activity Duration

The Art of Effective Communication

Communication that is clear, concise, and on target helps to get the job done (Laureate Education, Inc., n.d.1). Communication is bi-directional. Although communication requires more than one, the focal burden of communication lies with the entity that originates the message. The receiver has responsibilities, aligning, attending, and providing feedback that the message was understood. However,… Continue reading The Art of Effective Communication

Learning from a Project “Post-mortem”

The PM processes include initiating, planning, documenting, executing, monitoring, and controlling with the ability to orchestrate, communicate, and interact well with divergent groups and personnel (Williams van Rooij, 2010). The triple constraints of a successful project include time, scope, and cost with the apex of the triune base being quality.   A few years ago, I… Continue reading Learning from a Project “Post-mortem”

Defining Distance Learning

Education is a process that involves the transformative teaching and learning of values, skills, and or scholastic knowledge (Morrison, Ross, Kemp & Kalman, 2010).  Educative processes can occur locally face to face or over a distance.  Traditional views postulate that the fundamental tenets of distance learning dictate that learning and teaching occur at different places… Continue reading Defining Distance Learning

Distance Teaching + Distance Learning = Distance Education

Distance education is formal education in which the learning group (teachers, students, resources) are separated by geography and occasionally by time (Simonson, Smaldino, & Zvacek, 2014). What is Distance Learning? The featured Wordle ( captures the plethoric picture and process that defines distance learning.  Each element plays a part in reaching and teaching students who… Continue reading Distance Teaching + Distance Learning = Distance Education

Social and Constructivist Learning

I believe that online social environments are both possible and necessary.  I also believe that learners can construct meaning from their facilitated online learning processes. In the age of Web 2.0 technology; blogs, Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  LinkedIn,  Snapchat, etc. wherein, cultures, communities, and virtual groups interact, communicate and thrive, it should be no less challenging to believe that consorting like-minded folk… Continue reading Social and Constructivist Learning

A Review of conversations about Learning

_isms are important but use them as a filter, not as a blinker (Kerr,2007).  I am not convinced with Stephen Downes’ assertion that behaviorism is the seeming mainstay of the Instructional Design community (Kerr, 2007).  NO modality or theory houses the dynamics of learning and the propensity and the plasticity of the human brain on… Continue reading A Review of conversations about Learning